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To Become an Enzacta Distributor:

  1. Click on
  2. Position the Cursor so that it hovers over Menu Option Start a Business
  3. When Menu Option for Join Now appears, click on it
  4. An IBO registration form will appear
  5. Enter your information to this form, and on each of the steps, click on the + symbol and fill out the information required.

Please note that you will have two joining options:

  1. $99.00 cost - You get a 150 gram bottle of PXP (your choice of Forte or Royale) and one position in the commission earning structure.
  2. $249.00 cost - You get a potential of three positions in the commission earning structure, instead of only one. You still get only one bottle of product. So, this option is for people who want the extra earning power of three positions, instead of one. (Unless you are a powerful MLM recruiter, this advantage is meaningless.)




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