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Learn About A Highly Technical, Perfect Food — PXP and How With It, Your Body Will Heal  Like Never Before!

Top 10 Reasons to Take PXP

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Wellness and Youth Are Primarily a Matter Ample Energy
Being Produced In The

No Other Food On Earth Creates More Energy Gain in the
Mitochondria Than Alpha Polysaccharide Peptides

Healing of damaged cells proceeds much faster when PXP Forte or PXP Royale are consumed because cells gain more net (useable) energy from PXP’s nanosized polysaccharide peptides than from any other food. Cells use this energy to heal. So, if your body’s cells need healing, give them PXP. It is absolutely the single best supply of cellular healing energy available.

PXP Will Make You Feel Younger!


PXP Forte — provides cells with significantly greater amounts of energy than they would otherwise have — which can be used to accelerate healing and recovery to a maximum.

PXP Royale — also furnishes nanosized anthocyanins for fighting free radicals in every tissue of the body. PXP Royale is the most powerful free radical quenching product on earth.


When your cells start receiving the energy (Up to 36 Net ATP per PXP molecule) and healing support of PXP Forte and PXP Royale they can heal, recover, and perform like never  before!

True PXP Story - In my younger years, I had been an avid runner; but, for 30 plus years never had time to put on my jogging shoes and enjoy running again. Finally, I decided to run each morning, but discovered that by the 3rd day of running, my left calve was becoming very sore... and by the 10th day of running, it felt like the muscle had torn. I was hobbling from pain for two weeks after that. I didn’t try again for six months with the same result. I tried a third time with the same result. Then I started taking PXP and lo and behold, I am now running again, pain free. I think the reason is that surplus energy created with PXP helps my muscle tissues to actually completely heal after being stressed. My verdict: if you have a chronic soft tissue issue, give PXP a try. (Bright S. - Utah)

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