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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PXP all natural?

PXP is 100% all natural and pure. It is hypoallergenic and contains no dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, chemicals, fillers, binders, artificial colors, artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives and is not genetically modified. (non-GMO).

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What is the difference between Alpha PXP Forté and Alpha PXP Royale?

PXP Royale contains alpha anthocyanins and PXP Forté does not. Alpha anthocyanins are antioxidants meaning they quench free radicals. Quenching free radicals is an important part of managing energy processes in the body (preventing mitochondrial switch over to low energy mode) and in preventing cellular and molecular damage throughout the body. If a person is already high in anthocyanins from other sources, then Alpha PXP Forté would be the best product to use. If a person’s health focus is healing tissue, then Alpha PXP Forté is still the best product to use. Otherwise, Alpha PXP Royale provides a great combination of cellular healing from alpha glycans with the added benefit of alpha anthocyanins.

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Where does PXP come from?

PXP comes from the Siam Valley of Thailand. This is a region of the world that is known for having some of the most fertile soils ever found due to thousands of years of natural organic mineral accumulation. No pesticides, herbicides and chemicals are used. Siam Valley is a leader in crop rotation: cabbage, soybeans, rice and peanuts; and natural soil-ammending fertilization techniques.

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What is PXP made with?

PXP is made with native strains of specifically selected fractions of rice grains that are harvested at the prime growth stage of life and at their highest nutrient content.

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What is the process used to manufacture PXP?

PXP is made by using a proprietary and innovative process of technologically advanced bioactivation, nanonization, and mechanical hydrolysis known as Alphaglycanology. This proprietary process extracts vital nutrients from the select rice grains and reduces the particle size for enhanced absorption to obtain the most bioavailable essential nutrients necessary for supporting the cellular energy production process.

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How are the polysaccharides & polypeptides in PXP different from other foods or products that have polysaccharides & polypeptides?

The polysaccharides & polypeptides in PXP are the only known Alpha-Glycans, which means the structures are so small that they can be assimilated 100% by the body and therefore, be totally absorbed into the cells. Beta-glycans, which are larger in size, cannot be totally assimilated into the cells. Beta-glycans come from many sources, some of which include: yeast, barley, oats, mushrooms,  aloe vera and rice germ. It is the proprietary process used to manufacture PXP that assures PXP possesses the functional characteristics that are needed in order to be recognized by the body’s cells.

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How does PXP work?

PXP is readily assimilated, getting inside the cellular mitochondria without active-transport cycles and utilized by the mitochondria as fuel. It’s presence in the mitochondria results in energy creation. It also contains nutrients, in addition to fuel. In this way it works to enhance the body’s natural healing process by allowing the mitochondria to produce ATP (cellular energy) without the normal loss of energy that results from active-transport cycles. Additional energy and additional ready-to-use functional sugar and vitamin nutrients allow DNA and cell membrane repair to take place that might otherwise not be possible. It also allows cells to have the energy to attend to house-cleaning or detoxification chores that might be left undone without the availability of excess energy.

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Is PXP beneficial in assisting wound healing?

Yes, very much so. Just mix PXP with distilled water or a little saline solution to form a paste. Apply the paste to the affected area and cover it with a gauze bandage if necessary. PXP can be applied several times a day. It is very beneficial for cuts, burns, abrasions and various skin disorders. Its epithelial growth factors stimulate healing.

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What are some of the most common benefits of taking PXP?

  • Enhances the Immune System
  • Helps Fight Emotional Stress
  • Improves Energy Level
  • Improves Overall Mental Vitality
  • Promotes Toxin Elimination
  • Helps in Increasing Attention Span
  • Assists Digestion and Metabolism
  • Improves Elimination
  • Promotes Circulation to the Brain
  • Enhances Hormonal Function
  • Helps to balance sleep patterns
  • Fight free radicals
  • Improves Vitality
  • Improves skin, nails, and hair condition

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What is the best way to eat PXP?

The best way is the one that you will do consistently. However, the most results (if you can do it this way) is to take the product on an empty stomach about 1/2 hour before eating. This allows the PXP to be most efficiently utilized and to improve digestion of the meal to follow. Nevertheless, you can also sprinkle PXP on salads, cottage cheese, cereals, etc. Do not cook it, however.

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Is there a better time of the day to take PXP?

The better time of the day is the one that works with your lifestyle. Many people decide to take a product in a certain way and at a certain time in order to maximize the products benefit to their bodies; but then life gets in the way, and they can’t do it as planned, so they skip that day. We feel it’s simply better to take it when you think of it, no matter when that is.

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Should healthy people take PXP?

Definitely! Even healthy people as well as animals and all living things on earth are continuously bombarded and exposed to free radical damage from UV radiation and toxins in the air, water and foods. Also, metabolism of food, itself, creates huge numbers of free radicals. So, supplementing with PXP helps to fight the negative effects of toxins and free radicals, and promote better health.

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How much PXP should be taken each day?

One to four servings are recommended per day. The recommended daily serving size varies depending on weight, size and the presence of injuries or disease. For instance, a healthy small child (or small animal) might take only 2 gram servings, while a serving size for an adult human would be 5 grams and a serving size for a horse would be 10 grams.

Persons or animals with digestive issues, fatigue problems or any obvious stresses could take 3 to 4 servings per day until the undesirable symptoms have subsided. Healthy people and animals only need 1 to 2 servings per day.

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Does PXP interact with other supplements or prescription medications?

PXP does not cause any interaction with drugs, supplements, or foods. However, it does improve the assimilation and utilization of the foods, supplements, and any medications being taken. This means there may be a need to modify the amount of medication and/or supplements being taken.

Note: Consult with your health professional in regard to adjustment of medications and supplements.

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Will PXP cause a person to experience a "healing crisis" (detox)?

Yes, possibly, it could. A healing crisis is when the body’s natural defense system begins waging war on the impurities in the body by trying to purge them. Very often, cells don’t have the energy to begin this process, similarly, as a person may not have the energy to tackle some major needed project in his/her life, and may keep putting it off. So, when the cell’s energy levels are suddenly higher due to PXP arriving in the cell, the cell feels capable to do some ‘house cleaning’ and will begin that detoxification job.

When this happens, people who are quite toxic may go through a minor to major healing crisis. However, this healing crisis will usually last a few short days, as the impurities are expelled into the blood stream, and when over, the body is much healthier. Improvements in health will be extremely noticeable.

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