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What is PXP?

PXP is an organic, nanosized beta glycan food product, made from rice - that does not need active-transport through cell membranes in order to be converted to energy. It’s molecules are so small that they enter the bloodstream without need of digestion and then enter the cell without need of active transport and then enter the mitochondria, also without active transport.

PXP is made via a proprietary technology called alphaglycanology to become alpha glycans (nanosized beta glycans).

  • PXP’s unique entrance into the cell and cell mitochondria results in a significant energy savings, or boost in cell energy. This energy can be used for healing during non-sleeping hours (ordinarily healing primarily only occurs during sleep).
  • The Alpha Glycans also are a source of numerous important nutrients, in addition to energy.

More about PXPs beginnings:

  • PXP begins as special strains of organic, highly nutrient rich rice that is grown in soil that is free from pesticides, herbicides and chemicals ricefields_siam_thailandin the Siam Valley, Thailand — which particular area is one of the most unadulterated and fertile areas in the world. This particular Siam Valley is a leader in crop rotation: cabbage, soybeans, rice and peanuts; and natural soil-ammending fertilization techniques.
  • PXP is comprised of polysaccharide (glyconutrients) polypeptides (long chain proteins). Polysaccharide peptides are also called functional sugars or glyconutrients or beta glycans, each of those terms being synonymous.
  • Via a highly specialized processing method beta glycans (polysaccharide peptides), and in the case of Alpha PXP Royale, anthocyanins, are extracted from the rice kernels. These food molecules are mechanically hydrolyzed (physically made smaller via nanotechnology or alphaglycanology) into alpha polysaccharide peptides or alpha glycans. As such they have the healing properties of beta glycans (normal polysaccharide peptides, such as found in oat meal, aloe vera, rice, etc.) plus unique properties related to energy production within cellular mitochondria.
  • The special properties of Alpha glycans stem from the fact that they are recognized as food by the cells of the body and from the fact that they have been made so small in size due to this special size reduction process (Alpha size - meaning smaller than the cell) that they are absorbed directly into the blood stream and directly into the cells and mitochondria, without having to go through the normal digestive and active-transport processes.
  • howaporeseesthingsOne way to picture this in the mind is to imagine a colander which represents the receptors (pores) of the cell, which you fill with marbles. The marbles, which represent Beta Glycans (normal sized polysaccharide peptide molecules), are too large to fit through the holes of the colander. Now imagine filling the colander with sand, which represents Alpha Glycans. The sand is so small that it is able to fit right through the holes. This is the difference between an Alpha Glycan and a Beta Glycan!" Alpha glycans enter directly into the cells and cellular mitochondria without going through the normal active transport cycles.
  • The mechanism of action behind PXP is that the alpha glycans enter the mitochondria without having to go through the active transport cycles. Therefore, a huge energy savings results. Instead of a cell having to spend 34 to 35 units of energy to gain 36 units of energy, which is a net gain of only 1 or 2 units, all 36 units of energy can be gained. In actual practice, the energy gain is shown to be at least 54% higher than occurs with glucose.
  • So, PXP’s main function is to provide greater amounts of bioavailable energy for increased and enhanced cell functioning.
  • A person needs to eat only 1 to 20 grams per day (1/4th to 4 teaspoons per day, depending on size and health) to get the full benefit of this super food. Example: a baby would need only 1 gram (1/4th teaspoon), while an injured or chronically ill, large adult would obtain a maximum benefit at 20 grams (4 teaspoons) per day.

Not the Same as Beta Polysaccharide Peptides

PXP should not be confused with Beta Polysaccharide Peptides (typically called glyconutrients), which are very useful for their properties as “raw materials” for cells. The net energy gain from beta polysaccharide peptides, however, is the same as with other carbohydrates.

For more information regarding Polysaccharides and Polypeptides click on the Why PXP tab.

When PXP is taken you are giving the cells the extra energy they need to heal, repair and detoxify themselves. Bodies replace cells every 90-120 days. By giving the cells more energy, their ability to ward off disease and repair weakness can be greatly improved.

and the POWER WITHIN the CELL is WHAT is REAL.

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